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Apart from the amazing copies of historical weapons, Special Replicas online shop stocks various kinds of the Elk Ridge hunting knife. All the products of this company are amazingly solid and elaborated in every single detail. What is more, they look really impressive, thanks to the shining blade and beautifully decorated handle. Hunters often use them to finish a dying animal, but they can be applied to some camp work as well. For instance, such a knife may be helpful in preparing food or cutting ropes. More you can find here.
PHU Benefico
Jeziory Wielkie 2B, 63-020 Zaniemyśl,
woj. wielkopolskie
Telefon: 661925625

Water plants
Here offers you superb floating pond plants for sale. They are grown in a nursery which is placed around 5 national parks, hence they develop in amazingly favourable conditions. This online shop is popular not only among hobbyists, but also professional breeders and companies specialized in decorating green areas. Among the available floating pond plants, there are, for example: Pistia stratiotes, Lemna trisulca, Limnobium spongia and Hydrocharis morsus-ranae. Any of them will look amazing in your water reservoir.

Knights' weapon
Sword -

For everyone who is interested in history, wants to expand his collection of armaments or needs to decorate a room or office in an untypical way, the online store has prepared a special offer. There are numerous kinds of swords, for example historical models, based on the weapons used by such well-known historical figures as Richard the Lionheart, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great or Charles V. What is more, there are also legionary, Templar and Viking swords. You can order not only copies of those blades which were used in the battlefield, but also ceremonial ones, from all around Europe. The stock is varied so that every customer could find something that would meet his or her expectations. Each sword is of the highest quality, as it comes from professional producers.
PHU Carus
ul. Koscianska 42, 64-010 Krzywin
Telephone: 48 693 416 012

Solid wheapons
Sword replica

A sword was changing over the centuries, but always had the same aim – to hit an enemy effectively and defeat him. What is more, it carried a symbolic meaning. Only a nobleman could have this weapon and only a nobleman could be cut off with it in an execution. It was the knight's closest companion which he passed to his offspring (changing a blade for a new one only). When the last male in a family died, his sword was symbolically broken at his funeral. In the Specialreplicas shop you can order a precise sword replica from various historic periods and cultures. You can find there even samurai sword. On you can find more details.
PHU Benefico
Jeziory Wielkie 2B, 63-020 Zaniemyśl,
woj. wielkopolskie
Telefon: 661925625

Ideal gifts only here

With a remarkable offer that is presented in the store Global Replicas do not need to continue to look for a gift for a person who is fascinated by history. Only here can you find so many different types of weapons. From replica swords Vikings and Romans, to the replica katana swords. In addition to the weapon, guests can also purchase a shield replica and armor that will feature all lovers of militaria collections. Additionally, one can read the history of weapons and flintlock pistol replica, about which more can be read here:
PHU Carus
ul. Koscianska 42, 64-010 Krzywin,
Telephone: 48 693 416 012

Best choice
Disney princess clothes for toddlers

Disney princess clothes for toddlers state for a perfect choice if you want to buy an astonishing gift for your little daughter, granddaughter or niece. If she loves watching Disney animated films with princesses, she would be extremely happy to wear clothes with their images printed on the fabric. Oli Fashion Kids shop provides you with a wide range of high-quality dresses, T-shirts, tunics, hats, socks etc., featuring such famous Disney princesses as Elsa and Anna from “Frozen”, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Tiana.
Oli Fashion Kids Marta Kozak
8 Hibiscus Close, HA8 9GA London,
Telefon: +447445387660

For advanced mechanics
Socket sets tools

Nowhere else can you find socket sets tools of better quality than on Thanks to years of experience and the constant improvement of their service, they are well-known both on the British and the European market. Their tools are very modern and solid, as they always follow the latest innovations in their branch. There are numerous sales in the WorldTools shop, so you can get many products at amazingly low prices. It is also worth mentioning that orders over £49,99 reach their destination for free.
16 Blackhall Street Flat 2/1, PA1 1TF Paisley,
Telefon: +44 7821851763

Brazilian treatment
Cocochoco keratin

We offer you highest-quality Cocochoco keratin, which will make your hair more healthy, neat and beautiful. It is a hair-gentle substance that improves the condition of your hair, rebuilds its structure and increases its resistance to any weather condition. What is more, Cocochoco keratin makes your hair strengthened and revitalised and also thicker and more vivid. The effect of our product lasts for even 4-5 months. Do not hesitate and immediately make your hair look stunningly! For more information - Cocochoco Straightening
ul. 3-ego Maja 14, 37-420 Rudnik nad Sanem

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